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Peak Trucking SA comprises of two main business units, managed as a specializing entities. What this means in essence is that each business has a key focus area.


Each operatea as a separate cost/profit centre, as it fund its activities from the income it has managed to bring in and where financial assistance has been solicited from another unit within the business, that will be strictly agreed on repayment bases at current prime rate, minus 2% because of sister unit relationship. Each business unitís performance will be individually measured year to year.


These business units each hold accounts (the client portfolio) which are projects that are being serviced for clients; they deliver on the above whilst engaging with partners (suppliers) who are subcontracted for the period of the project.


The business units each hasa database of experts in each field segmented across into the following:


Peak Trucking SA as Main Contractor:


We will market and source direct contracts to service in freight and logistics needs of our clients throughout the country. Peak Trucking SA also givea opportunities to emerging SME enterprises in the trucking industry by offering them sub-contracts and taking the role of administration and mentoring to a point of independence.


These are individuals with expertise in the trucking and haulage field who might not have registered businesses, but rather a sound track record in the field.


We help them to develop to a level of well established small businesses running successful trucking establishment and playing in the mainstream economy of the country in the freight and logistics sector.


Peak Trucking SA as Sub-Contractor:


These are well established companies in the field who have a lot of experience in the industry and Peak Trucking SA will partnered with them to deliver trucking logistics services as needed by clients identified, sourced and administered by them as main contractors for our convenience.






Our Core Business:


Negotiating for business


In the first year of our business, both the directors were mostly responsible for this component of the business. Once an account has been acquired then a plan is derived to get a suitable truck or even subcontracting to other partners with the relevant suppliers experience and needed resources.  Whenever the latter becomes the best option, then the client is informed and the relevant people are brought on board, with Peak Trucking SA representing the subcontracted supplier in the eyes of the client sourced.


Managing interface (sub-contract scenario)

The company puts the focus on its core business which is managing an interface. This is an interface between the client and the supplier. What we attempt to do is get the best person for the job, advice on the best, effective and efficient way of doing the job and then focus on keeping the client happy for the rest of the contract.




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