Our business concept is based on the opportunities that are presented by the nature of business inefficiencies that are born out of the culture of conforming and playing by some set of rules in an ever changing business environment.


This is basically the logistic management solutions. 


The concept of provision of road-freight is key solution provider of transport in South Africa.


It is a fast and flexible link in supply chain management logistics and is an essential service provider for just-in-time delivery services.


In addition road-freight is an instant job creator, with owner-driver operators becoming a more common feature of the industry. However we do not take the owner-driver route but in a mission to reduce unemployment by creating jobs and manages the road-freight. The first step of becoming a giant freight and logistics company in South Africa and neighbouring states.   


What Peak Trucking SA does, is to offer highly reliable and excellent freight and logistics services to its clients across the wide spectrum of retail, manufacturing, construction and the mining sectors.


We strive to help other emerging companies in the trucking business environment to find the best way of achieving productivity in one field and employ the most competent, affordable and suitable resource in this business, in order to achieve maximum productivity in the most efficient fashion.








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